# Color Key Effect

The Color Key effect allows you to remove parts of the image that match a certain color. This kind of effect is used by green screens in video editing software.

Color Key

# Effect Settings

  • Color: The color that will be used as a reference for what should be made transparent. You can use the picking tool in the color picker to easily take a color from the image.
  • Flatten: Whether you want to pre-multiply the resulting image with the alpha value. This can be useful to reduce border artifacts of the color.
  • Invert: Whether you want to change the transparency so that everything else becomes transparent except for your selected color.
  • Write alpha: The opacity value that will be applied to your color key.
  • Tolerance: This allows you to increase the threshold used to determine whether a given color is similar enough to your color key or not.
  • Fuzziness: This allows you to have a smooth transition between for the tolerance threshold.