# The Wallpaper Engine Editor

This section of the Wallpaper Engine designer documentation will guide you through the creation of wallpapers based on image files. The Wallpaper Engine editor caters to casual and more advanced users and allows you to add various elements and effects to your wallpapers.

# Getting Started

If you just want to get started with your first animated wallpaper, we recommend working your way through our Getting Started Guide. It will teach you all the fundamentals of the editor but it will leave out some of the more advanced features that you should check out once you have given the basics a try.

# What's next?

You can also create complex and interactive particle systems with its particle editor, timeline animations with its animation system, let parts of your wallpaper react to audio, use a parallax effect to make different layers of your wallpaper react to mouse movement.

You can even program custom logic into your wallpaper using SceneScript - our own scripting language, similar to JavaScript. It's a great way to get into the basics of programming and you should feel right at home if you already have programming experience.

And if you're a game developer or aspire to be one, you can even take a look at creating and using your own custom shaders to program your own effects and share them with members of the community.

# Video Support

If you have an .mp4 video file that you would like to share with others, you can simply drag and drop it into the Create Wallpaper button in the editor. Since the publishing process is the same for all wallpaper types, you can read the guide on publishing for more information on how to share your wallpaper with others.