# Motion Blur Effect

The Motion Blur effect accumulates the image over time to create a blurry appearance of movement.


# Effect Settings

  • Opacity mask: You can draw this mask to determine what areas of your image the effect is applied to. By default it applies to the complete layer.
  • Accumulation rate: How fast the image is accumulated, lower values mean more blur.

# Order of Effects

Motion Blur can be combined with other effects but keep in mind that the Motion Blur effect will only be applied to effects that are listed above itself in the effects list. Move the Motion Blur effect below any affect that you want it to apply to.

For example, if you have applied a Spin effect or Scroll effect to a layer, make sure Motion Blur is below these effects in the effects list. You can re-arrange the effects list by simply dragging and dropping effects with your mouse. See the video below to see how the Motion Blur effect only starts becoming visible once it is moved below the Spin effect: