# Scroll Effect

The Scroll effect can be used to continuously scroll an image in a specified direction. It's useful for textures that loop seamlessly and can be used to create special effects in combination with other effects.


# Effect settings

The effect has two basic types of settings: A Repeat option for each axis and a Speed option for each axis. The repeat option can be used to scale the image and determines how often your texture is "repeated" on its given space. The Speed option determines how fast the image scrolls into a direction. For example, setting Speed X to 1 and Speed Y to 0 will cause the image scroll from right to left.

  • Repeat X: How often the image is repeated horizontally within its area.

  • Repeat Y: How often the image is repeated vertically within its area.

  • Speed X: Speed in horizontal direction.

  • Speed Y: Speed in vertical direction.