# Spin Effect

The Spin effect can be used to continuously rotate parts of an image around its center or a specified point.


# Effect Settings

  • Elliptical: If you want to skew the animated object and rotate it like an ellipse.
  • Mode: UV animates the selected pixels while Vertex will always rotate the entire image.
  • Perspective: Make the rotation independent from the aspect ratio of the image.
  • Repeat: Repeat the image around the borders, otherwise clamp it.
  • Opacity mask: Allows you to draw a mask which determines which pixels will be affected.
  • Center: The point to rotate around. Use the picker to easily select it by clicking somewhere on the image.
  • Speed: Determines how fast the rotation is.
  • Angle (Elliptical only): The angle/orientation of the ellipsis.
  • Ratio (Elliptical only): How much the ellipsis is compressed/stretched.