# Swing Effect

The Swing effect allows you to swing part of an image back and forth. You can change the direction, the strength and the smoothness through the effect settings.


# Effect Settings

  • Double-sided: Extends the effect towards the top of the effect area as if the area was swinging like a see-saw.
  • Noise: Allows you to add random movements to the effect.
  • Amount: The overall strength of the effect.
  • Center: The point around which the effect swings.
  • Feather: Strength in which the effect is smoothed into surrounding areas of the image.
  • p0: Top-left corner of the effect area.
  • p1: Top-right corner of the effect area.
  • Size: The distance from p0 and p1.
  • Speed: The speed at which the effect swings back and forth.