# Transform Effect

The Transform effect allows you to rotate, scale or move the image.


You should apply this effect only on top of other existing effects. If you apply this effect merely to a static image, consider modifying your image in an image editor instead to improve the performance of the wallpaper, since there is no need to use a live effect for that.


# Effect Settings

  • Mode: Whether you want to distort the pixels or the edges of the layer. If you choose UV then you will distort the pixels which allows you to add additional effects after this effect and is usually what you want to use. If you choose vertex you will distort the edges of the layer and it will only work correctly if this effect is the last one that will be displayed.
  • Repeat: Whether the image should repeat until the edges or be clamped. This is only relevant for the UV option.
  • Angle: This allows you rotate the image around its center.
  • Offset: This allows you to move the image along the X or Y axis internally.
  • Scale: This allows you to tile the image along the X or Y axis (if repeat is enabled).