# X-Ray Effect

The X-Ray effect allows you to blend two images together through a shape that follows the cursor. By default this shape is a simple circle, but you can change it by replacing its texture. This effect allows you to easily blend two different version of an image together and to hide content that is only revealed by moving the cursor over it.


# Effect Settings

  • Blend texture: This is the hidden texture that will be revealed by the X-Ray effect.
  • Opacity mask: You can paint this mask to limit the effect only to specific parts of the image.
  • Sprite: This is the shape image that will be used to define how the background and blend texture are blended together. Make sure that the borders of the image are fully black.
  • Blend mode: This controls how the effect is blended with your image.
  • Multiply: This is the strength of the X-Ray blend effect.
  • Size: This controls the size of the shape.