# SceneScript Class IAnimationLayer

This class represents a puppet warp animation layer.

# Properties

# fps: Number (readonly)

The speed of the animation layer.

# frameCount: Number (readonly)

The number of frames of this animation.

# duration: Number (readonly)

The duration in seconds of this animation.

# name: String (readonly)

The custom name of this animation layer.

# rate: Number

Speed factor of the animation layer.

# blend: Number

The amount of blending on this animation layer.

# visible: Boolean

Whether this animation layer is currently being applied.

# Functions

# play(): void

Continues or starts playing the animation layer if it was paused or stopped.

# stop(): void

Stops the animation layer and reverts to the beginning.

# pause(): void

Pauses the animation layer at the current position.

# isPlaying(): Boolean

Returns whether the animation layer is currently playing or if it's paused/stopped.

# getFrame(): Number

Get the current frame of the animation layer.

# setFrame(frame: Number)

Set the animation layer to the specified frame.

# addEndedCallback(callback: Function)

Add a callback to be fired every time the animation layer reaches the end.