# SceneScript Class IImageLayer

This class provides access to functions specific to image layers.

# Properties

# size: Vec2

Resolution of the base image.

# perspective: Boolean

Controls the perspective rendering option.

# solid: Boolean

Controls whether the layer is solid. If set to true, the layer will react to click events.

# Functions

# getEffect(name: String|Number): IEffect

Retrieves an effect by index or custom name, if set.

# getEffectCount(): Number

Total number of effects used by this image layer.

# getTextureAnimation(): ITextureAnimation

Gets the texture animation if the albedo texture of this image layer is a sprite sheet/GIF.

# getVideoTexture(): IVideoTexture

Gets the video texture if the albedo texture of this image layer is a video file.

# getAnimationLayerCount(): Number

Get the number of animation layers currently used on this layer.

# getAnimationLayer(name: String|Number): IAnimationLayer

Get an existing animation layer object by name or index.

# createAnimationLayer(animation: String|Object): IAnimationLayer

Create a new animation layer by animation name or JSON config.

# destroyAnimationLayer(animationLayer: String|Object|IAnimationLayer): Boolean

Remove an existing animation layer by name, index or IAnimationLayer object reference.

# getBoneCount(): Number

Get the number of skeletal bones.

# getBoneTransform(bone: String|Number): Mat4

Get world bone transform by name or index.

# setBoneTransform(bone: String|Number, transform: Mat4): void

Set world bone transform by name or index.

# getBoneIndex(name: String): Number

Get the index of a bone by name.

# getBoneParentIndex(child: Number|String): Number

Get the index of a bone by name.

# applyBonePhysicsImpulse(bone?: String|Number, directionalImpulse: Vec3, angularImpulse: Vec3): void

Apply directional or angular impulse to a physics bone.

# resetBonePhysicsSimulation(bone?: String|Number): void

Resets physics forces and position.