# User Properties Introduction

Wallpaper Engine allows you to make parts of your wallpaper configurable by your users by adding so called user properties to your project. These user properties appear on the right-hand side when a user selects your wallpaper in the Wallpaper Engine Installed tab. In this guide, we will explain how to create and make use of properties and what each property type represents. Advanced users can also integrate user properties into their SceneScript code, this is documented in the SceneScript section of the documentation.

# User Properties

The following user property types are available in Wallpaper Engine. Click on any of them to view a detailed description on how they work:

  • Color (color): A color picker
  • Slider (slider): A slider that allows users to select a number within a specified range
  • Checkbox (bool): A checkbox that is either on or off
  • Combo (combo): A dropdown selector where each element has a text and a hidden value
  • Text (textinput): A text input field
  • Texture (texture): Allows users to replace a texture with a custom image or video

Properties will be shown on the right-hand side when a wallpaper is selected:

User Properties

You can always view, edit and even create new properties by opening your project in the Wallpaper Engine editor, navigating to the Edit menu at the top and selecting Change Project settings.